The Water Gem (in Tagalog: Brilyante ng Tubig) is one of the four elemental gems cleaved from the Mother Gem. It is emerald-green and circular in shape. The territory of Adamya is the keeper of the Water Gem.

It chose Sang'gre Mira of Lireo, Diwani of Hathoria, daughter of Hara Pirena of Hathoria, to become its new master possibly due to her inherent intelligence and wisdom[1].


The keeper of the Water Gem is granted water-based powers such as generating tidal waves and raise sea level to catastrophic levels.[2]

Some powers of the Water gem:

  • Summon, command, or transform into any sea life at will (this ability has stayed with Alena despite not possessing the gem)[3][4][5]
  • Conjure water barriers[6]
    • Make conversations secret[7]
  • Sonokinetic powers, which can prove to be doubly powerful if the wielder has a beautiful voice[8]
  • Perform incantations or blessings[9][10][11]
  • "Wash away" memories, rendering a victim amnesiac[12]
  • Long distance communication through bodies of water[13]
  • Cause lightning storms[14]
  • Appear in other people's dreams[15]
  • Locate or track Encantados[16][17][18]
  • Resistance to LilaSari's petrification ability[19]
  • Summon its Kambal-Diwa, Agua[20]
  • Take away a person's consciousness[21]
  • Check a person's purity of heart[22]
  • Show past events[23]
  • Keeping corpses fresh[24]
  • Make plants and trees grow[25]
  • Enhance the quality of dream[26]

Some limits of the Water Gem:

  • The gem would not kill its current keeper[27]


After Cassiopea divided the Mother Gem into four parts, she gave the Water Gem to the Adamyans. The gem has blest the territory rich marine life and resources. The gem was taken by King Arvak of Hathoria. It was recovered by Prince Raquim of Sapiro, who passed it to the Queen of Lireo.

To prevent the Hathors from easily succeeding in taking the three remaining gems in Lireo's care, Minea gave the Water Gem to her third daughter, Alena.

After many years, Cassiopea sought the help of the Pedestal to determine the new gem masters. The Water Gem chose Sang'gre Mira of Lireo, Diwani of Hathoria, as its new master.


  • It is so far the only gem to have been held by a member of each of the four races of Encantadia (diwata, Adamyan, Hathor and Sapiryan).
  • The gem's color is quite unique for an element that represents water.


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