Bandido or marauder is a race of Encantados who guard the Lagusan ng Pagkaligaw in Encantadia. They demand humans as tribute from Encantados in the human world who wish to return. They have a preference for children and maidens.

Bandidos are strong of body but weak of mind (according to Rael), and haughty (according to Icarus). They wore white paint on their body and skull of dead animal as helmets.

During their attack on Lireo, each of them had a tattoo of a red palm on their chests.

The black markings on their faces and bodies are made from the dark blood of dead Yesh'ras that fall off the Lavanea mountain peaks.[1]

Currently, some of the Bandidos are under the spell of Hera Andora to serve as soldiers of New Etheria.[2]

It seems that after many years, the Bandidos have a new leader named Pangil who became one of Hara Avria's most loyal soldiers.[3]


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