Ascano refers to two territories. Old Ascano is located in the Kingdom of Sapiro. The current Ascano is located much farther north, beyond the Lavanea mountains. It is inhabited by the barbaros and gigantes, who were led by Vish'ka for many years.

The barbaros and gigantes live in tents along the shore. Wahid leads a separate encampment in inland territory. According to Wantuk, they do not like interacting with other races.[1]

Ascanos may also be used as a demonym to refer to the barbaros and gigantes, collectively. It may be observed, that the only character to be explicitly called gigante is Vish'ka. All the other inhabitants of this region must be presumed to be barbaros, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

According to Hagorn, the Ascanos are known for their excessive feasts during nights, where they drink much wine. Some even go to hunt.[2]


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