The mountains of Adjantao is a territory in the Kingdom of Sapiro. Various races live in these mountains, such as the mandirigmas. Ybarro was raised in this region.[1]

After the fall of the Sapiryan monarchy, this territory passed to the suzerainty of Lireo.

Adjantao has several leaders. Hagorn tried to coerce them to switch their allegiance to him, but they refused, saying that they had sworn allegiance to Queen Amihan.[2]


  • Adjantao is mispelled as "Arjantao" which is found in the map of Encantadia.

Version differences

  • In the original series, Adjantao were the group of nomads and their leader was Agimat. They were being enslaved by King Hagorn before they were fleeing to join Lireo against Hathoria.


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